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Parallel Lines



What Drives Us:

At FierceLabs, our mission is to create decentralized Web3 platforms, ensuring user autonomy, character, integrity, privacy and truth are hard coded into our solutions to ensure a future where individual liberties flourish alongside technological advancement, fostering ethical responsibility for the collective betterment of humanity.

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This token serves as the native cryptocurrency within the ecosystem, used for transactions, governance, or other utility functions across the different products and services.

R0AR Token

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Our cryptocurrency exchange facilitates trading between various cryptocurrencies, including the R0AR Token and other established digital assets. It provides features like trading pairs, liquidity pools, or other exchange functionalities.


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FierceLabs is a DAO which makes it’s leadership decentralized, autonomous and immutable. The DAO itself has protections in place to preserve the investments of it’s members including the ability to leave the DAO at any time when there is a disagreement and recover the investor’s original investment. All wallets associated with the treasuries of the exchange and DAO are multi-sig gnosis safe wallets, the highest security in the industry at present. 


Decisions within the DAO are much like an incorporation with required voting that are restricted to quorum. The DAO receives investments, holds the treasury and receives returns from the exchange and all r0ar platforms as well as issues two tokens. One for membership and one for voting.  

DAO & Governance

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The NFT exists to both create identity as well as allow access to features that are not accessible without holding and NFT. 


We are Building the larger community and identity with an NFT that acts as your access ticket to different components of the eco-system depending on when the user takes part. 


Our model is based on using and becoming familiar with the technology we are reviewing and teaching. So, this NFT has use case and utility acting as an all access pass to the eco-system and platforms and community as well as a learning experience that can lead to identity with the community as well. 

NFT (Coming Q2 2024)

Image by Shubham Dhage
Image by Fabian Kozdon

This is a research tool geared towards investors who handle funds and need to adhere to SEC guidelines. It provides data, analysis, and compliance features necessary for due diligence when investing in the crypto space.

R0AR Portal

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